Terms & Conditions

For the following Terms & Conditions, some of the following terms will be used:
CCM: Cosplay Community Magazine;
T&C: Terms & Conditions;
Creator: Identities that created the content in the articles

Any submissions to the magazine must be sent to cosplaycommunitymag@gmail.com with the correct subject.

  1. Ownership

    1. CCM does not own any rights over the articles, photos or anything of the sort that has been published on the magazine and its social media (including website) unless stated so;

    2. Everything that is published in the magazine and its social media must be credited, be it the author, photographer, artist, cosplayer, etc…

    3. CCM will not be liable when the creator of the article cannot provide a reliable credit or proof of authenticity for their submissions;

  2. Article submission

    1. Every article for submission needs publishing permission from all parties involved;

    2. Any article involving minors, ie people under the age of 18, will need written consent from the parents or a legal guardian, particularly when it comes to the use of images as stated in The Data Protection Act 1998. In Addition, a patent or guardian may choose to with withdraw consent at any time, however, once the magazine is in production the image and/or article cannot be removed.

    3. CCM has the right to chose not to publish the articles or specific parts in case it’s considered offensive, racist and etc...; Same applies for the pictures provided by the creators, for example an erotic picture, someone not properly credited, copyrighted work, etc…;

    4. CCM has also the right to not give any answers on why an article has not been chosen or canceled for publishing;

  3. Article settings

    1. Written articles will have to be minimum of 500 words and maximum of 1250 unless stated otherwise, and some creators will be asked for a higher word count depending on the article’s nature;

    2. All articles need to have at least three pictures to go with the text, the bigger the word count the more pictures need to be attached;

    3. Every image must be of high resolution, with 300 ppi, color mode CMYK or RGB, and have a minimum of 1000 x 1000 pixels and accompanied of the image credits: photographer and people involved;

    4. The images have to be either .JPEG, .PNG or .TIFF; they cannot however be in .PDF, word or any other compressed format, unless it's as a guide example for a tutorial;

  4. Advert Submission

    1. Anything advertised on the magazine has to be properly credited;

    2. Any advert must be related to cosplay or the nerd/geek culture in general, like wigs, props, cosplay groups, comic shops, conventions, and more; 

    3. CCM has the right to decline any advert submitted that doesn’t fulfil the magazine’s T&C;

    4. CCM has also the right to not give any feedback on why an advert has not been chosen or cancelled for publishing;

    5. All adverts must be paid after all parties are in agreement with the advert publication and before the magazine goes into production;

    6. CCM will state a full refund, if after payment CCM decides to cancel the publication of the advert;

    7. CCM will not refund the customer if the customer chooses not to publish the advert after payment, the customer can however choose to publish in the next issue (being the only option one issue after the one that was paid for);

    8. For anyone that doesn’t have a suitable or reliable advert, there will be an option to have the magazine’s graphic editor to design one;

    9. In case the CCM designs the advert, the said advert can only be used for the CCM publications;

  5. Advert Settings

    1. All adverts need to have a clean and modern design to go with the magazine’s own design;

    2. Every advert must be in CMYK colour mode, have 300 ppi resolution and 1,5 cm on all margins;

    3. Full page adverts must be 21,6 cm width x 30,3 cm height;

    4. Half page adverts must be 21,6 cm width x 15,45 cm height;

    5. Some half page adverts will have to be adjusted by height by maximum 2cm difference, this being added or reduced from the original size;

    6. CCM will contact the customer when the advert needs to be a different size like stated on Advert Settings – e.;

  6. Logo Contest

    1. CCM will not use the photo of the logo for any profitable cause, so no direct profit will be made of it, however it can be used as prizes, marketing, publicity and social media, and any other non-profitable means – these include banners, business cards, etc..​

    2. Everything that is submited to these contests can not infrige any copyright rules;

    3. The CCM team will not use any of the submissions in any harmful or hateful way agaisnt any of the participants;

    4. CCM will only uphold the rights to the logo itself and not the individual images;

    5. Any submission involving minors, ie people under the age of 18, will need a written permission from the parents or a legal guardian, particularly when it comes to the use of images as stated in The Data Protection Act - 1998;

  7. Shipping

    1. All orders from outide of the UK will be charged postage;​

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