Tools I use for sewing a cosplay

There are many ways to make your cosplay and many ways to sew, I know for many people it's very hard finding somewhere to start with this essential but daunting part of cosplay. I am here to give you a quick guide to my favourite tools and equipment I use when sewing.



My equipment

  • sewing machine

  • cutting board

  • ironing board

  • iron

  • glue gun

  • My tolls

  • Rotary Cutter

  • a variety of thread

  • spare bobbins

  • overlocker the foot

  • standard foot

  • zipper foot

  • standard sewing scissors

  • hand needles

  • spare sewing machine needles

  • safety pins and as many pins as you can get


Not all of these things are essential but many of them have unique applications that will improve the skill and ease of making your cosplay.

sewing machine

an essential piece of equipment for quick and accurate sewing, that will enable you to have a far higher quality and long-lasting garment. I could not possibly explain the in and outs of using the sewing machine as it is a complex piece of technology. there are many helpful tutorials and books written on the subject also there are many sewing classes available to learn the basics of the sewing machine.




Cutting board and rotary cutter

both of these pieces are used together in the application of sewing.

the Rotary Cutter is particularly good so there is no issue with slipping fabric when cutting out the patten, some small fibres may persist that hold the piece together, but just snipped them with a small pair of scissors and the accuracy and cleanliness of your cut will be evident. the cutting board is essential so you do not cut into your table or carpet.




Iron and ironing board

It's important to have both these essential tools it is very difficult to use an iron without an ironing board. as Lane fabric over a table does not do the job.

an iron is important to press seams and smooth fabric so there are no wrinkles in your pieces when sewing them together.


Glue gun

The glue gun may be an odd addition to this list but it is very useful for small things such as putting on jewels. making small pieces of jewellery and sticking fabric to a more substantial or armour piece. 



Thread and bobbins

it's always important to have lots of different colours and types of thread, to match any piece of stitching you might need to do. Don't worry about not being able to get threads in the colours you want on bobbins, as there is a technique with your sewing machine to thread bobbins it's just important to have lots of spare ones ready to thread some sewing machines call for plastic bobbins only I'm not personally sure how much of a difference this makes as I primarily used what I had on me. 





Overlock foot

an overlocker comfort gives a more professional finish to your sewing and is much more reasonably price than buying a expensive overlock machine it will give a stronger zigzag finish that will lower the need for fiddly scenes and binding 

overlocker foots are probably between £1.50 and 3 pounds


Standard foot

this foot will come with every sewing machine they are perfectly fine for zigzag and straight seams simple pieces seems and many other applications 


Zipper foot

zipper foots are very good for doing thin and tricky scenes they have many more applications than just sippers and a particularly good at getting a close finish on any garment




                                                     zipper foot      overlocker foot       stanandard foot    



Standard sewing scissors

these are all round useful for anything you might need trimming thread cutting down pieces of fabric. once already cut out I never use these for cutting out patterns as I always use my Rotary Cutter but sewing is very annoying without them.


Hand sewing needles

hand sewing needles are very important for small pieces of work that cannot be done on a sewing machine. I particularly use them mostly for sewing on buttons as I find it much easier to do it by hand. there may be seams you need to finish that the sewing machine just can't get to, and is always useful to have a backup.

Sewing machine needles

always useful to have these on hand the likelihood of your needles breaking is quite high and its a terrible day when you have to get new ones. also if you work with leather, leather needles are available to make even faux leather simple to work with.


Pins and safety pins

sewing pens come in all shapes and sizes small, sewing pins are particularly good for using when sewing two pattern pieces together in a sewing machine. larger pins are good for some things when you really need to see the end, and safety pins are very useful when trying on your garment.

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